One in Ten Schroders funds is poor value!

This article was published yesterday, 2nd May 2020, in The Times London UK.

One in ten funds managed by a leading investment company is not delivering good returns. Schroders reviewed its 86 funds and said that nine were “not demonstrating value.” They include the European Smaller Companies, UK Alpha, MM Diversity Tactical funds which each has £100 Million invested.

This opening comment could be seen as negative and discourage investors from placing their funds with Schroders. The reader must read the entire article to understand that Schroders is indeed highly responsible and highly regarded by the investment world, but how many readers would read the entire article?

This situation is not unique to Schroders. Indeed, many of the World’s most successful Investment Banks are experiencing the same challenges today.

Bretcrown Trading International LTD, via its Crude Oil Investment Club, can help by providing a solution. By accepting as little as £5 Million from any of the non-performing funds, it will produce a profit exceeding 20% per month as it has been doing for several months, despite the Oil price uncertainty and volatility.

Bretcrown Trading International LTD:

Bretcrown Trading International LTD - registered under the Companies Act with the “The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales”, under registration No:12128651. Bretcrown Trading International LTD along with The Crude Oil Investment Club is owned by The Bretcrown Trust, which was formed in 1988 in Guernsey as a tax-efficient holding vehicle for properties, acquisitions & other assets for the benefit of the Trust’s beneficiaries.

The Mission Objective of Bretcrown Trading International LTD is to trade profitably on Crude Oil on behalf of its Shareholders, Investors, Employees, Members etc.

The Crude Oil Investment Club:

The Club trades CFD’s on $10 Contracts on Crude Oil & has been achieving well over 75% profit success rate by applying powerful computing technologies & advanced trading strategies along with proprietary keys to generate high returns on investments. The Crude Oil Investment Club has developed a trading practice known as Sculpting, not scalping. Scalping is taking advantage of small price movements by opening then closing trades in seconds or at most a few minutes. Sculpting is a skill where the trade depends on price movement and could vary from seconds to hours but still termed as day-trading as trades are closed before the end of the trading day. Sculpting is much more surgical and precise and depends on proprietary procedures and the instincts of the trader. Only a small number of traders globally can perform effectively using Sculpting methodology.

The Crude Oil Investment Club is strictly Private and has participation by ‘invitation only’. Invitations are issued by the Club President, or any Member or any Director or Equity Shareholder of Bretcrown Trading International LTD.

What is the present performance record of the Club?

For the most recent three months, the profit growth has been, 34%, 21% and 25%, respectively. We, therefore, expect an annual target of 300% is realistically achievable based upon these actual figures.

How can The Crude Oil Club produce these upbeat results?

Fact: The Crude Oil market is comprised of various products - Brent Crude, WTI Crude, Natural Gas and more. It is one of the most volatile markets in the Commodities world. Crude Oil trading offers excellent opportunities to profit in all market conditions due to its unique standing within the world’s economic and political systems.

Fact: Statistics say that over 75% of all traders lose money while trading in the Crude Oil markets. We believe this is because the average (inexperienced) traders often rely on indicators, which are mostly lagging. Professional traders are aware of this and create the momentum to start a price movement. By the time the average trader gets a trade signal, the trade opportunity is almost over. Professionals will be selling their positions to indicator-based traders.

The Crude Oil Investment Club’s techniques depend on this concept, which keeps us aligned with or ahead of the other Professional and Institutional traders. Crude Oil also follows certain predictable movements across different trading zones which are known to some Professional Intuitional traders. We follow this concept, and take advantage of predictable movements, from the Asian to the European trading zones, and subsequently to NYMEX in the USA.

We also follow the Institutional Pivot levels, which are effective levels of Support and Resistance. These Pivot levels are eclipsed by Floor traders who create the Supply and Demand in the market. These depend on standard calculations, and again, there are certain interpretations which the average trader is not aware cognizant of.

As stated earlier, The Crude Oil Investment Club has developed a trading practice known as Sculpting. Whereas scalping is taking advantage of small price movements by opening then closing trades in seconds or at most a few minutes, sculpting is a skill where the trade depends on price movement and could vary from seconds to hours. Sculpting is much more surgical and precise and depends on proprietary procedures along with the instincts of the trader. Very few traders globally are able to perform effectively employing sculpting processes.

Most traders are not successful due to not having a specific ‘Trading Plan’. We implement the concept of the 3M’s in our Trading Plan – Money, Mind & Method….in that order. All our techniques have a specific ‘Trading Plan’ based on the 3M’s, which tell us exactly when to enter a trade, what should be the stop loss levels & the correct exits.

Money: Risk Management is the single-most-important factor in trading, and we follow the two Golden Rules, to ensure success - ‘Discipline’ and ‘Patience’.

Mind: We adhere to the concept of ‘Discipline’ and ‘Patience’ – “Patience” to wait for the market to give us the trade and once it does, to have the “Discipline” to follow the rules.

Method: Our techniques utilise the very concept of the Professionals trapping the less-experienced traders. On a worst-case basis, this keeps us aligned with the skill set of Professional and Institutional traders, thus, increasing the probability of successful trades. On a best-case basis, our techniques are so advanced and highly effective since we do not use the regular trading concepts conventionally. We do not use any indicators but instead rely completely on price action.

‘Divergence’ Divergence is our principal trading technique. Divergence is the primary setup used by Banking Institutions to trap the retail traders. By using this technique, we are trading along with the Professional Institutions. For example, a majority of traders are not aware that there are different types of divergences. Our Trading Plan identifies the “Class A” divergence, which is the strongest type of divergence and usually indicates a sharp and significant reversal of the trend.

We use the Fibonacci Ratios as a confirmation factor. The Fibonacci ratios are used in the financial markets to identify strong Support and Resistance levels. They can accurately anticipate the major turns in the market and identify key turning points for tops and bottoms, but only if you know how to interpret them correctly, and most traders seldom do so. We use certain ‘Institutional ratios’ which a high percentage of traders are not aware of…. again, to keep our trades aligned with the Professional Institutions.

Is my money in safe hands?

Yes, Bretcrown trades with a highly respected and reputed platform - The IG Group. They offer CFD’s trading for ICE Brent & WTI Crude and have the required liquidity. The IG Group is a multi-billion-dollar FCA regulated group and the World’s number one CFD provider with offices in 16 countries.

Neil G Van Luven

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President of the Crude Oil Investment Club